Lengthen, realign and redefine your body with the Pilates Method.

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For thousands of years, the practice of yoga has been used to achieve health, vitality and inner peace.

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GYROTONIC® exercise combines the movements of yoga, swimming, ballet and gymnastics in a fluid, graceful workout designed to increase strength, flexibility and range of motion.

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Sculpt, sweat, and re-shape your body, one leg lift at a time. Our barre classes will both challenge you and keep you asking for more!

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Pilates for Buff Bones® Workshop!

Why do we need Pilates for strong, healthy bones? Ten million Americans have osteoporosis and another 34 million are estimated to have low bone density at risk for osteoporosis. Research shows the significance of “site-specific exercises” when dealing with bone health, to fortify the exact areas of the body that are susceptible to bone loss and fracture.

Pilates for Buff Bones is a medically endorsed full body workout that incorporates safe bone strengthening and balance improving exercises within the framework of a Pilates mat setting. The class also includes strength training, therapeutic exercise and functional movement.

Join Susan J on Saturday September 17th from 12:30pm – 1:30pm!  $25.00