Stephanie Carroll is inspired and excited by education and learning, especially intelligent approaches to health, strength, flexibility and nutrition. She finds inspiration in the human body and its amazing ability to heal itself in spite of neglect and abuse. Stephanie says of balance studio “I want to be at balance because of its commitment to high standards for Pilates education. I am constantly learning from other teachers and the clients.” Outside of the studio, you’ll find Stephanie working out and staying fit – practicing what she preaches! To keep her in balance, she expands her artistic side by making jewelry and taking art and photography classes. Stephanie provides a challenging and creative workout within the classical Pilates cannon, and likes to give options to both advance or scale back the same exercise so there is something for everyone in her class.

“Pilates should be your own workout, you should be concentrating on what is going on in your own body and on your own mat.  My teaching is infused with alignment principles and exercise science protocols learned from being a personal trainer and Yoga teacher.  It is important to me within the context of a class to provide opportunities to move our spines and joints through a variety of ranges of motion to offset our increasingly sedentary way of life.”

Look for Stephanie’s classes at balance on Saturdays and Sundays!

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