Balance is lucky to have Alesia Fowler, Gyrotonic Master Trainer and instructor!  Alesia has been teaching Gyrotonic since 1988, when she co-founded the first Gyrotonic studio in Europe, in Florence, Italy.  Alesia discovered the method while still dancing ballet professionally and feels fortunate to have started the practice while still a young dancer.  She says, “Gyrotonic eased my technique and allowed me to be more playful with musicality in class, but was especially key in allowing me to drift away from my technique to my real purpose on the stage…to express something!” She enjoyed sharing her experience with others and started to teach the Gyrotonic method while still dancing.  While in Italy, Alesia had the great pleasure of working with a vast variety of clients, ranging from dancers and athletes to stroke victims and paraplegics. Also due to the support of this method by psychiatrist and gerontologist, Dr. Elio Musco, Alesia acquired a deep experience and understanding of Gyrotonic as it is applied to the elderly suffering from depression.

Alesia is a full time Gyrotonic Master Trainer and continues to teach privately as well as hold teacher training courses and special workshops. Her special programs include protocols for the application of Gyrotonic exercise for breast cancer rehabilitation, gerontology, posture and depression, ice skating and, of course, dance.  When Alesia is teaching Gyrotonic, she likes to balance the technical corrections with a certain lightness. She was a professional ballet dancer, and this background allows her to become microscopic. “I don’t want to overwhelm people with everything I’ve ever been taught, so I try not to fill each moment with verbal instructions. I tend to step back and let people find their flow. I think it’s important to know when not to speak and when to observe. It’s not about showing how much I know. My teaching is only as good as the absorption and enjoyment rate on the other end.”  While maintaining the essence of the intentions behind the ideal forms, she customizes each exercise to fit every person’s very individual needs.

Of her own teaching method, Alesia says, “one point that I stress to my teacher trainees is the importance on true observation, which in my opinion is not merely watching you or continuously calling out directions like a DVD or drill sergeant! Positive verbal cues are given, with sensitivity to every client’s particular learning style. This may come to you in the form of visual and tactile cues, imagery or references to your favorite sport or daily routine. I reinforce how the exercises apply to your daily movement habits and equip you with homework exercises to maintain good condition between classes. I work hard to fit the program to you, not the reverse!”

Alesia also spends a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoys cooking. She lived in Italy for many years, and still enjoys writing and speaking in Italian as well.

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