Summer is the season of travel!  It’s a great time – full of all sorts of fun activities, change of routines, and new experiences that feed the mind and body.   Although adding outdoor adventures and new movement to our lives is always good, it can be hard to keep up the routines that keep our bodies strong, flexible and ready to do anything!  Life has the tendency to create imbalances in the body.  Pilates, yoga and Gyrotonic work on bringing the body back in balance and help us to work more efficiently in any activity.  If you’re travelling this summer, don’t hesitate to ask your instructors for some homework exercises to take with you on the road!

Or, for some exercise inspiration, check out this list of Pilates exercises you can do, even with out access to a reformer!  Most hotels have gyms, or just bring a band, or small weights with you, and you’re ready to go!  We like this list because it comes with some super easy gifs to follow along!

If you’re staying in town this summer, join balance for a SUMMER CHALLENGE!  From July 1st- August 31st, we’ll keep track of the classes you take.  Once you’ve hit 10 classes, you start earning prizes!

10 classes = $5 Studio Credit!

15 classes = add 1 free Group Fitness Guest Pass!

20 classes = add 1 free Group Fitness Pass for you!

25 classes = add balance Tervis traveller cup!

One click away from getting started here! 

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