As funny as this article “12 Thoughts You Have During Your First Pilates Class” (written by Lauren Mazzo for may be, this is exactly why we have our Introductory Private lesson and Introductory Private packages! No one likes getting into a situation they’re not comfortable in, especially if it dissuades them from a wonderful form of exercise like Pilates! At balance, we want to make sure you’ve got the basics down before jumping into classes… including those challenging jumpboard classes!

Read on for some good laughs (and reminders!) about why learning a little about Pilates equipment before going into a group class, can go a long way.

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12 Thoughts You Have During Your First Pilates Class

Step 1: Show up to class and realize you don’t even know what Pilates is.

1. I’m skeptical from the beginning. Pilates always kind of sounded like a made-up word to me.


Who is this Pilates guy anyways? Is he like Plato?

2. What the hell is this medieval torture device and how the hell do I use it?


Workout or cruel and unusual punishment? Answer: both.

3. And, OMG, these grippy toes socks feel weird, but are super cute.


Can I get 10 pairs of these to wear instead of shoes? Is that socially acceptable?

4.Oh, wait, this is kind of nice…I get to lay down for the whole workout?


Anything horizontal equals way less effort.
5. Just kidding, we’re jumping.


I didn’t even know is was possible to jump while laying down. My legs are burning. I think the left one might fall off.

6. Thank God, we’re done; moving onto the upper body. Wait, which strap do I use? This one? No, this one?


Do I have the handle the right way? Is it supposed to be this hard? I think I’m stuck.

7. Wow, everyone else looks like a ballerina doing this stuff.


Their legs are so straight and their toes are so pointy. Why do I feel like an uncoordinated elephant?

8. My legs are shaky, my arms are on fire, and then the instructors says it’s time to finish up with abs. A huge wave of relief washes over you (phew, almost done!)


Then you realize that the abs session is the hardest of them all.
9. The Hundreds? Single-leg stretch? Table top? How can these be so incredibly hard yet I’ve never heard of them before?


These things should have a terrible repuation because my abs just got slaughtered.

10. The instructor keeps me to keep going (and laughs at my face of agony) for an extra set or two.


Then she finally says the words I’ve been waiting for: It’s done. Thank goodness. But damned if I don’t feel toned right now.

11. But now Ifeel pretty comfortable on my reformer. It’s like my personal workout palace.


You mean I can’t stay and nap on this? It feels like my ~space~ now.

12. And I leave feeling the perfect amount of exhausted.


My muscles are fatigued, but my body doesn’t feel like a sack of bricks (like after some higher-intensity classes). Wait—I might actually feel energized. I see you Pilates, and I’ll be back.

Feeling this way about your first Pilates class, or having any of these fears? Let us introduce you in a one-on-one, private setting with our Introductory Private lesson! It’s a good plan, we promise! 

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