Holidays – they can be filled with fun times but with so much going on, it can also get stressful!   After a little research, we chose our favorite ideas to de-stress over the holidays.  Bottom line is the holidays shouldn’t feel like a chore, so here are some ways to keep the stress at bay and create a joyful holiday season in a whatever form that takes for you!

#1 Exercise! Maybe we’re a little biased, but exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Whether its running outside to build a snowman, or getting in your Pilates, making time to stay active (and not just running errands!) It will serve you well for mind, body and spirit!

#2 Focus on the Fun Stuff! There may be a million things to left to do, but take time to enjoy the good stuff when it’s happening.  Hanging decorations, watching a classic movie or snacking on special holiday treats, test your ability to uni-task!  Take the moment to enjoy!

#3 Learn to Cue your Relaxation Response!  Whether it’s lines at the store, or getting ready for a trip, stress triggers a certain reaction in your body.  Learn to cue your relaxation response instead!  Sit straight, soften your gaze, relax your hands and body (where ever your tension usually goes), then slow down and deepen your breathing.  Take 45-60 seconds

#4 Organize Something! Seems a little counter intuitive but find something small, your wallet or a desk drawer, to put in order.  The feeling of accomplishment and organization will put your mind at ease and help you take on the sometimes chaotic season!

#5 Cut Yourself Some Slack! Give yourself permission to ask for help if a task becomes too big, or if a certain tradition isn’t working for you, make this the year that you try something new!

Additional lists for more inspiration:

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Real tips from real people!


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