If you’ve heard of Pilates, then you’ve probably heard of the Pilates reformer – but have you ever heard about the Pilates Wunda chair?  If you’re looking for the next killer workout, the Wunda Chair is a small, but mighty piece of Pilates equipment with a full range of exercises that challenge even the most seasoned of athletes.

Joseph Pilates created a variety of Pilates equipment to help build on his series of exercises that strengthen and stretch in a program that creates a strong, balanced, healthy body!  Although the reformer is touted as the “main piece” of Pilates equipment, Pilates imagined the Wunda chair as a piece of equipment that everyone could have in their house that would double as a piece of furniture – remove a few pillows, and ta da – you now have a piece of workout equipment.

So what exactly is it? In its most simple design, the Wunda chair is a box with 1 side being a pedal that is attached with springs.  Reformer or mat exercises usually involve a lot of lying down (we all know that doesn’t make them easy though!) but with the Wunda chair, exercises tend to be standing, sitting, or lying on the small surface on the top of the chair.  This adds an extra element of finding balance, and it takes an incredible amount of control, strength and good form to execute the exercises.  Are you looking for an extra challenge? Want to set a new goal? The Wunda Chair will give you a whole new outlook on Pilates exercises you might already be familiar with, but when brought to the chair, kick it up a notch.  It can look a little intimidating or scary, but at balance, we take the utmost care to make sure you’re ready to take on the challenge, and there’s an instructor close by!  We are in total awe of  Jean-Claude Nelson of Bluebird Pilates in Munich, and you can check out his flow through a Wunda Chair workout below. The saying “shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars” comes to mind here.  Jean-Claude is a former ballet dancer and Pilates pro, so we won’t all end up looking like Jean-Claude on the chair, but that’s ok, you’ll still get a great workout and fun challenge!  At balance, we offer equipment classes that incorporate a portion of the class on the chair in our Tower and Chair classes, as well as in our regular Pilates Circuit classes.  It’s a piece of equipment that we’ll admit, we sometimes have a love/hate relationship with, since the butt-kicking exercises can be tough!  But there’s nothing like the chair to really show your progress, and that day that pedal lifts a little easier, or down a little further, is oh so sweet!


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