Balance is excited to welcome Benjamin Degenhardt back to the studio this fall and we can’t wait to learn all about back extensions in his workshop, Bend Over Backwards! Originally, Balance studio owner, Susan Smith Burns, brought Benjamin to the studio in 2015, and since then we’ve seen him popping up everywhere!  He’s the creator of the Pilates education program, 360° Pilates , a contributor to online forum Pilates Anytime, and creator of March Matness, a month long celebration of the classic Pilates exercises from the Mat, where each day of the month is assigned an exercise.(#marchmatness) But if you’re not familiar with Benjamin, you’re in for a treat!  A truly engaging and knowledgeable teacher, he is now a favorite at Balance among instructors and students alike.  Benjamin’s perspective on the method is largely informed by his curiosity about the origins of the work. Benjamin has researched Joseph Pilates’ thought-process in the development of Contrology and formulated a perspective on Pilates teaching that honors the original concepts, writings, and intentions.  With this historical perspective in Pilates, combined with additional training, including Functional Range Conditioning to Fascial Movement Taping, he shines light on something new in the method to even the most seasoned of instructors.

Bend Over Backwards is a workshop for anyone who thinks that there is too much forward flexion in the traditional Pilates system—a contention that holds true unless we look all the way back to the original body of Joe Pilates’ work. During the workshop participants get to explore the concepts of safe inversion and extension and learn that Pilates is, in fact, full of opportunities to do so.


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