We’re thrilled to have another blog post from our admin Kendall!

In the words of suffragette Carrie Chapman Catt  “The Woman’s Hour has struck!”. Based on a surge of feminist pursuits over the past year and the many culturally-shifting events that have transpired between the 2017 Women’s March and the 2018 Women’s March, we can confidently say the “Future is Female”!

I, like many others, found myself in a theater last summer with my fists clenched and adrenaline rushing through my body as I watched Gal Gadot take down Ares and the Axis Powers armies as Wonder Woman. I had to refrain from kicking and punching down the doors whilst exiting the theater and re-entering reality. Watching a strong woman confidently move her body in all her feminine glory, left me feeling inspired and more powerful than ever! Not long after seeing Wonder Woman, a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of Corporeal Feminism.

Corporeal feminism is the belief that feminism can be exercised through physical movement just as it is through intellectual and social pursuits. We live in a culture with deeply ingrained rules and expectations of how women’s bodies should look and limited ways we can operate. This narrow prescription of physical femminity has become so normalized that it’s an act of resistance to engage in activities encouraging strength and physical exertion.

Along with the many physical benefits movement has, studies show that moving in ways that feel good can alter brain chemistry which can positively impact mood and confidence. By choosing exercise that works for our bodies and goals, we exert agency and autonomy and increase awareness of our abilities. This can boost feelings of empowerment and allow us to be more assertive and engaging in other arenas of our lives.

Yes; this makes so much sense!

Luckily, there are COUNTLESS options for moving our bodies in interesting and strengthening ways. Now is the time to daringly take that boxing class, gyrokenisis class, or even acroyoga  class you’ve been wanting to take for ages but have yet to indulge in. Or maybe you decide to team-up with a friend for an adventure through Rock Creek Park or along the C&O Canal. Whatever you choose, allow yourself to engage in something you are truly excited about and an activity that makes you feel like a powerful warrior- your own version of Wonder Woman.

As we take to the streets at the start of another year for women, let’s be sure to invest in moving our bodies in meaningful ways and rejoice in the power we gain from doing so. With each boxing class, bike ride, or bout with Joseph Pilates’ magic circle, comes a declaration: you cannot tell me what my body was made for and most importantly, I am powerful; fact!


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