Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring is already upon us! As we start de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning our homes and work spaces, let’s not forget to take inventory of our health/fitness routines.

Refresh your Mindset

Whether you’ve been working hard to stay committed to those New Year’s fitness intentions, you are looking to kick-start your workout routine after an idle winter, or you are somewhere in between, the first key to re-energizing your health and fitness routine starts with your mindset. The spring is an excellent time to check in with your intentions and goals. So often our minds, like our desks, become cluttered with things that do not serve us. This is especially present in our relationship to fitness. We collect negative beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities that simply take up too much space!  Just as we would toss out old wrappers or receipts, we can discard any beliefs, habits, or judgements of ourselves that are holding us back and make space for thoughts conducive to success. Continue to ask yourself: has this belief helped me reach my fitness goals thus far? If the answer is no…Good riddance!

Switch Up the Routine

There is nothing inspiring about a routine that feels stale and boring. While having a familiar regimen feels comforting, it can be hard to stay intentional with your action. Simple switches like trying a yoga class instead of your regular Barre Sculpt class, or walking to Saturday Gyrotonic rather than driving are all ways to spark new excitement for fitness. As creatures of comfort, we tend to find our comfort zone and get stuck in it- this severely limits our growth opportunities. Finding healthy and innovative ways to challenge yourself (no matter how small!) can be a catalyst to continued progress. Maybe next time you try the hundred you’ll try it with your legs extended a little more or you choose heavier weights for exercises in your PTF class. However you choose to challenge yourself, remember to listen to your body’s needs!

The changing of the seasons is an excellent time to reflect and switch things up. Whether you’re switching up your fitness routine or your wardrobe it’s bound to give you some refreshed energy!

Happy spring cleaning!


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