Teacher Training

Excellent teachers are grown over time, through rigorous study, umpteen hours of practice and hands-on mentoring. But it all starts with a training program that gives you a solid foundation on which to build.


All of our Pilates instructors are trained in classical Pilates and have succesfully completed rigorous 600+hour comprehensive training programs, including those of Power Pilates, Authentic Pilates, and The Pilates Standard. In addition to adhering to the principles and methodology created by Joseph Pilates, our instructors are trained to work in a systematic fashion that incorporates all of the Pilates apparatus, allowing us to work with individuals of all ages and abilities: we’ll meet you where you are and progress from there!

Balance Studio has recently become affiliated with The Pilates Standard, the gold-standard training program created by Bob Liekens, arguably the most influential and highly regarded of the “2nd Generation” teachers in the Pilates world. Bob co-wrote the very first teacher training manual with his teacher, Romana Kryzanovska, a student of Joseph Pilates who carried forth his legacy and method when she inherited the original Pilates studio after his death. We will be soon be offering continuing education workshops under the banner of The Pilates Standard and instructor certification programs beginning in 2020. Stay tuned!



Our studio currently has three fully certified GYROTONIC® instructors including one Master Trainer. All Gyrotonic instructors must complete a comprehensive training program, including at least a year of apprenticeship. Master Trainers have completed advanced training with Juliu Horvath, the inventor of GYROTONIC and GYROKENISIS exercise, and are licensed to train other instructors.


Our Yoga instructors come from various backgrounds and disciplines and have all been through a RYT200 or 500 hour certification program. Here at balance studio we offer Hatha yoga, which refers to doing the physical practice of asana (poses) and breath work in order to prepare the body for mental clarity and enlightenment. Our instructors have extensively studied and practiced many different brands of yoga, including Anusara, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, Ashtanga and more. We honor this variety of experience while recognizing that all yoga is good yoga! Our Hatha yoga classes are therefore distinguished through leveling (Level I, Level II, Flow, etc.) rather than by type.

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